Determination of Color Properties of Weed Using Image Processing

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Bünyamin DEMİR, Necati ÇETİN*, Zeynel Abidin KUŞ


Image processing technique has come up with advancement of computer technology and has recently been widely used. This technique consists of two parts. In the first part, the input such as an image or a video obtained by a camera or a scanner is digitized. In the second part, some characteristics or parameters related to the image is gathered by using algorithms. By the improvements that took place in the area of image processing, the technique is now very popular in agricultural field and is an alternative method in identification of weeds, determination of their intensity and color properties. In this study, the color properties of three weeds; Chenopodium album L., Sonchus hierrensis, Lectuca serriola obtained by a digital camera and a Chroma meter were compared.

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