Volume 37 Issue 1 Jan 2022

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1 Risk Management and Operational Performance of Hospitality Enterprises – A Case Study in the North Central Region of Vietnam
Author(s): Tran Van Hai, Le Van Vien, Hoang Dinh Huong
DOI : https://alinteridergisi.2022.v37.i01.pp01-05
2 The Effect of different Types of Organic Fertilizers on the Growth and Yield of Vegetable Plants
Author(s): Huda Hassan Aziz Watban
DOI : https://alinteridergisi.2022.v37.i01.pp01-03
3 Effect of Organic Fertilization with Humic Acid and Foliar Spraying with Bread Yeast Extract on the Growth and Yield of the Solanum Melongena L
Author(s): Nagham Saddon Ibrahim, Walaa Mahmood Shakir, Roqia Ahmed Abaas, Iman Mohsin Kadhom, Waleed Ahmed Hassen
DOI : https://alinteridergisi.2022.v37.i01.pp01-08
4 An Economic Analysis to Estimate Supply Function for Red Meat in Iraq
Author(s): Dr. Sarmad Ali Hussein
DOI : https://alinteridergisi.2022.v37.i01.pp01-05
5 The Response of Growth and Yield of Sweet Pepper (Capsicum Annuum) to the Spraying with Nano-amino Acids and Potassium Silicate
Author(s): Ahmad Hazim Ajil, Hayder Sadaq Jaafar
DOI : https://alinteridergisi.2022.v37.i01.pp01-05
6 Efficacy of Senna Leaves Extract and Rosuvastatin on Blood Parameters of Inducing Hyperlipidemia Laboratory Rats
Author(s): Rafal Ghadhban Al-Juburi Dr. Marwa Ibraim Abd Al Janabi
DOI : https://alinteridergisi.2022.v37.i01.pp01-06